ELP Algonquin Park Canoe Trip

Interactive map- click points for pictures and details.

Day 1:

-Arrived at Bills (Northern Wilderness Outfitters) 

-Met Bill

-Gathered wood for a campfire

-Went swimming on Kawawaymog Lake

-Packed our gear and food for the upcoming trip

-Learned our groups (Bill, Judy/Cory, Dunc)

-Slept in the A-frame cabin

Day 2:

-Packed all of our gear in dry packs

-Found partners and picked a canoe

-Went through Amable du Font River

-Went through 2 portages (135m, 255m)

-Paddled out to North Tea Lake

-Found our island on the east arm of the lake

-Gathered firewood and set up our base camp  

-Went to sleep in the tents

Day 3:

-Canoed to the start of the 2km portage on the way to Lorne Lake

-Portaged once (2km)

-Got our rods and reels for fishing

-Set up a day camp on the north end of Lorne Lake

-Fished for lake trout for the day

-Canoed and portaged back to our basecamp

-Had a fish fry with what we caught for the day

Day 4:

-Canoed out to Biggar Lake

-Portaged 3 times  on the way (240m, 90m, 140m)

-Set up camp on the south end

-Went fishing for lake trout and brook trout

-Canoed back at the end of the day

-Ate what was caught

-Went to sleep

Day 5:

-Began the trip back to Bills (N.W.O)

-Portaged twice on the Amable du Font

-Arrived at Bill’s

-Loaded all the gear that we brought on the bus

-Cleaned up at Bill’s cabin

-Went home

"nobody said conservation was pretty"